A patent is a powerful mechanism for protecting your invention. With a granted patent, you can prevent others from making, using, selling, offering for sale, or even importing your patented invention. Patents can not only help protect your work but can provide a tremendous competitive advantage to you as the patent owner in the marketplace.

We can help you pursue different types of patents including:

  • Utility patents—protect the way your invention is used and works
  • Design patents—protect the look and feel of your invention

From the beginning, we can perform a search of disclosed inventions to help you understand the patent landscape surrounding your invention and its scope of patentability. Then, we use our technical training and industry experience to hand-tailor a patent application specifically geared for your business goals. We can even help you develop and implement a strategy for monetizing your issued patents through strategic licensing partnerships and litigation of intellectual property. From start to finish our patent and trademark lawyers are here to help you protect your interests and grow your business.

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