Workman Nydegger litigates in virtually every forum to defend and enforce your intellectual property, copyright claims, and e-commerce violations. Our experience spans state and federal courts throughout the country, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and various courts of appeal. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants from start-ups to well-established Fortune 500 companies.

Our team of expert litigators are some of the most recognized IP lawyers in the state of Utah. With Utah’s exploding technology scene, we are at the forefront of successfully protecting and defending numerous emerging technology companies. We’ll customize a pricing model that maximizes the value of our services for you and your company.

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LuMee, LLC v. SnapLight, LLC (Delaware) and SnapLight, LLC v. Kimsaprincess, Inc. (California)

LuMee is a world-leading manufacturer of quality accessories for cellphones.  In November of 2016, LuMee filed an action in Delaware against SnapLight, LLC, for infringement of LuMee’s patent on illuminated cellphone cases.  SnapLight retaliated by filing an action for patent infringement in California against Kimsaprincess, Inc., an LLC affiliated with Kim Kardashian West, who is a spokesperson for LuMee.  SnapLight claimed to be the exclusive licensee of a patent owned by Hooshmand Harooni and asserted that patent against Kimsaprincess, Inc. in California.

LuMee was initially represented by a large national firm.  LuMee did not obtain positive results in the Delaware or California litigations so it replaced the national law firm with Brent Lorimer and David Todd of Workman Nydegger.  In less than six months, Brent and David obtained a judgment of infringement, validity and a permanent injunction against SnapLight in Delaware.  We filed a declaratory judgment action for non-infringement of the Harooni patent and obtained a stay of the action filed by SnapLight against Kimsaprincess, Inc.  Ultimately, Brent and David obtained a dismissal with prejudice of the California litigation SnapLight filed against Kimsaprincess, Inc.  We also obtained a covenant from the owner of the Harooni patent not to sue Kimsaprincess or Kim Kardashian West under that patent.