At Workman Nydegger, we take a creative approach to your intellectual property. Many of us at Workman Nydegger did not set out to be attorneys. We were engineers, developers and scientists—craftsmen of our trades who saw a need to protect the work in which we were immersed.

Our founders entered the practice of law the same way. Forty years ago, before creating what would become the Intermountain West’s largest IP firm, they saw first-hand that intellectual property needed and deserved to be protected. So they became patent attorneys, recruiting other like-minded scientists and engineers who could also provide clients with tailored solutions, and began servicing all IP law areas. This is how we continue to operate today.

Connecting with Your Ideas
Your intellectual property is your most valuable commodity, and we recognize the need to understand your work in order to help protect and enforce your rights (our unique backgrounds make this easier). We speak the language of your industry and understand the nuances of a competitive and dynamic landscape across all IP law areas. This allows us to zero in on your invention’s crucial aspects and ensures we never take a cookie-cutter approach.

You Drive the Solution
At Workman Nydegger, we have never found a good reason to “surprise” our clients. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals while staying within your budget — whether you are a large corporation or a garage inventor with a great idea, and whether you need a patent attorney or a pull-out-all-the-stops litigation team.

Who We Help
Our creative and diverse skill set means that we are conversant in numerous technical areas of IP law, including:

  • Technology: computer, electronics, IT, software, e-commerce, telecom, wireless
  • Sciences: biotech, life sciences, pharmaceutical, chemistry
  • Physics: mechanical engineering, materials engineering, energy, environmental technologies
  • Emerging technologies: environmental technologies, packaging technologies