May 24, 2018

Workman Nydegger Awards Scholarships for Fall 2018 to Women Studying Engineering, Science and Technology

By: Kathryn Perkins

Workman Nydegger is pleased to award the Workman Nydegger Scholarships for Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology to two University of Utah students, Jennifer Nelson and Rachel Cantrell and two Brigham Young University students, Kathryn Varela and Savannah Grossarth for the Fall 2018 semester.

Jennifer Nelson is a junior, majoring in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics. This summer, she is an intern at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C., working on a team developing autonomous submarine technology. In fall 2018, Jennifer plans to work as a research assistant at the University of Utah’s Neural Engineering Lab studying neural network techniques to better fuse medical images together. Upon graduation, Jennifer hopes to continue her research in artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and brain-machine interfaces.

Rachel Cantrell is a junior, majoring in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biology. This summer, she is serving as an intern at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, researching frog pheromone synthesis. She has been a member of the Looper Research Group at the University of Utah for a year and a half, conducting research in natural product isolation as well as organic synthesis and development of antibiotics. Upon graduation, Rachel plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career as a professor.

Kathryn Varela is a junior, studying Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University. She currently works as a teaching assistant in the Physics department and as a research assistant studying computer simulating nickel grains at atomistic levels. She is also a member of the BYU’s Women in Engineering and Technology Club. Upon graduation, Kathryn plans to pursue a career in patent law.

Savannah Grossarth is a senior, studying Electrical Engineering. This summer, she is working as a Technical Intern at Intel. She also has experience as a math tutor and research assistant at Brigham Young University. Upon graduating, Savannah hopes to attend law school.

Workman Nydegger awards a total of four scholarships in each semester schedule (fall and winter or equivalent), for a total of eight scholarships per calendar year. Through a combination of demonstrated achievements and written essays submitted by the students, Workman Nydegger attorneys work closely with both universities’ scholarship committees to identify the exceptional and promising female undergraduate candidates. The scholarships are offered to junior and senior female students at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Both universities have agreed to match the scholarship amounts contributed by the firm.

These scholarship programs represent Workman Nydegger’s commitment to helping women succeed in their engineering or science training. The firm hopes to provide women with an understanding of the many career opportunities available to women with science and engineering backgrounds and an interest in intellectual property law as a career path.