Owlet develops innovative devices that give parents better insights into the health and well-being of their infants. Owlet’s “Smart Sock” attaches comfortably to the baby’s foot and uses clinically-proven technology to track heart rate and oxygen levels of the baby and notifies parents in real time if something appears to be wrong. Through Owlet’s companion app, parents can receive push notifications and real-time access to their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. Additionally, Owlet launched a new app called Connected Care that gives parents the ability to analyze more detailed information including historical trends and sleep insights.

Owlet’s innovative work in software and hardware related to pulse-oximetry technology has propelled the company to the forefront of the infant care industry. Workman Nydegger has been involved with helping Owlet secure its intellectual property since the company’s earliest stages of development. By collaborating together from the beginning, Workman Nydegger and Owlet have been able to thoughtfully plan and execute an intellectual property strategy encompassing multiple international jurisdictions, thus providing Owlet with the opportunity to grow its business within the United States and important target markets internationally. Workman Nydegger is committed to continuing to help Owlet protect its brand and innovations around the world.