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May 30, 2024

Kerecis Presentation at the USPTO: Pioneering Innovations in Regenerative Medicine

By: Leo Johnson

On May 8, 2024, Dan Mooradian, PhD, Chief Technology Officer at Kerecis hf,  presented at the Patent Examiner Technical Training Program for Technology Center 3700. Dan was accompanied by Jon Gunnar Gudmundsson of Kerecis and representatives from Workman Nydegger, Justin Cassell, and Sterling Fillmore. Dan’s presentation reached hundreds of examiners as he explained the origin of Kerecis, the function of the underlying technology at Kerecis, and how its patents have been instrumental to the growth of Kerecis.

Kerecis, an emerging wound care company, is making remarkable strides in the industry. Kerecis specializes in using fish skin to treat wounds, burns, and other complex acute and chronic wounds including diabetic, venous, trauma, and surgical wounds. Thousands of patients of all incomes, cultures, and races have benefited from treatment with Kerecis. With several US patents and multiple applications pending, related to wound care, Kerecis has also been recognized with numerous innovative awards for its products and services

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