February 11, 2016

Twelve Workman Nydegger Attorneys Selected as Utah Legal Elite by Utah Business Magazine

By: Paige White

Twelve Workman Nydegger attorneys have been recognized as 2016 Utah Legal Elite by Utah Business magazine. Each year, members of the Utah State Bar are surveyed by Utah Business magazine to determine local attorneys with highly recommended services, and who are overall the best in the state.

The attorneys recognized as the 2016 Utah Legal Elite are:

  • Adrian J. Lee: Prosecution
  • Brent P. Lorimer: Litigation
  • David R. Todd: Litigation
  • J. LaVar Oldham: Intellectual Property
  • Jens C. Jenkins: Prosecution
  • John C. Stringham: Prosecution
  • Jonathan W. Richards: Prosecution
  • Michael J. Frodsham: Prosecution
  • Paul N. Taylor: Prosecution
  • Rick D. Nydegger: Prosecution
  • Thomas R. Vuksinick: Litigation
  • Timothy D. Nichols: Up and Coming

Founded over 30 years ago, Workman Nydegger specializes in intellectual property (IP) law and complex litigation.  The firm represents a wide array of clients in all areas of intellectual property law and complex litigation, including patent, trademark, copyright, litigation and prosecution, unfair competition and related licensing matters, and ANDA litigation, and possesses expertise in a diverse range of technologies, including computer systems, software, e-commerce and information technology; electronics and electrical engineering; pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, biotechnology, and medical and life science technologies; physics and optics; mechanics and mechanical engineering and alternative energy.