Orca Health is an innovative mobile software company bridging the gap in provider-patient understanding, leading to increased patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. Orca Health’s apps rank among the best-selling health education tools in Apple’s App Store. Orca Health has been awarded numerous granted patents and trademarks from the USPTO for their mobile application tools and services used by physicians and patients.

Workman Nydegger has worked directly with the USPTO on several occasions to resolve difficult issues and to help secure Orca Health’s trademarks and patents despite having to work in a difficult technology space associated with business methods for protecting intellectual property.

Having a solid relationship with the USPTO has allowed our attorneys to interface directly with the Examiners at the USPTO in face-to-face meetings, resulting in expedited application processes and the granting of patents with a broader claim scope. Workman Nydegger’s attorneys are committed to helping Orca Health improve and protect their intellectual property on an ongoing basis.